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Valentines song tabs or chords; please help me monkey trainer
Topic Started: Mar 6 2012, 12:45 AM (2,867 Views)

i just get so caught up in james' voice while listening i cant figure them chords!
will dance at your wedding

semisincerely and cordially
your pal and fellow fan
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capo on 2 (so it's in the key of D)


I'm an C orphan be-G-fore I'm a C son
and I'm F nothing if G I am just C one
if F we were G two tell Am y'what I would F do
I'd C lay you down and G blow out the F sun F


and the moon is a fool for our kind
as I find you and we intertwine
soft lover's prayer toss your hair
to let me know that you are all mine

but there's a branch in your mind a-bending
like a killer that ain't worth defendin'
like a thousand years of progress and tears
have now all come to their ending

I hold you to my chest like a charm
I hold you to keep you warm
and you are so small you're like nothing at all
like you were born to be in my arms
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Thank you very, very much. My good gal will be very happy.
i owe ya one.
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No problem ... I'll be round to collect in the morning :cheers:
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