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Mississippi band working with Simone Felice
Topic Started: Dec 1 2015, 01:17 AM (861 Views)

Hey guys!

Things seems to be kind of inactive here right now but when things are alive it seems there is nothing but good vibes and fellowship so I thought this might be worth posting. I've posted here about my band before in the past, The Holy Ghost Electric Show, and a lot of things has happened since then. Like most of you The Felice Brothers music and Simone Felice's music has been impacting my life for a long time. I remember the first song I heard from them was "The Devil is Real" in a beat down Toyota driving through the flatlands of Mississippi in the middle of the night. "Pharoh, my Pharoh, the devil is real / he's in my Camaro with his teeth on the wheel" that line made the hair on my arms stand up and still does. I remember listening to all of Adventures that night and what stuck out to me most was it sounded like they were not just making music but also having fun and joy while doing it. The kind fun and joy that doesn't give a shit what you think. I wanted to have that and I dreamed of working with them. Due to no greatness on my behalf, I've been fortunate enough to work with Simone Felice.

My band reached out to him last year and he invited us to Woodstock to record a EP with him as the producer. We had a beautiful time up there and experienced things we never thought we would. Simone worked his ass off on our EP, he went beyond his pay, and tried to show us the next steps in being a working band. For lack of a better phrase: he gave a shit. After it was over we decided we wanted to work together again if possible. That was this past January and now the time has come to come together and make a full length album. We will begin recording at the beginning of January in Mississippi and Simone will be coming down to produce it. We are going to lock ourselves in the studio and not come out until we have something to be proud of. We are trying to make a concept album about what it means to grow up in the rural south in this day and age. It's going to be a very personal album for us, one that we believe in and one that I feel confident in saying Simone believes in as well.

As you can imagine, such a endeavor isn't cheap so we're trying to raise funds. I'm sorry to tell a story and throw out my hand to ask for money but please believe me when I say I hate every second of it. I hate asking for money from friends, family, and strangers. I hate begging on social media. I hate when people can't donate but want to because that makes them feel guilty. I hate when people do donate because it makes me feel guilty. No matter how many rewards we offer or promises we make I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. With that being said we have no idea what else to do other than ask for help. We are not some spur of the moment college band made after we left home built on a trust fund. We are a six man rock band made up of friends mostly from the country that just care about songs and that fun and joy stuff I was talking about earlier. Click the link and read more in detail what this album is about and if it's something you can get behind help out. If you post it on Facebook one time you're helping out in my book. Regardless, thank you for reading and for all the great post I've found on here. I may not post often but I keep a eye on this place all the time.


Long live Felice.
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