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Topic Started: Jun 13 2015, 01:19 PM (1,626 Views)
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does anybody know if this tour is gonna be solo or with a band? i've got tickets for the salt lake show and it says "seated venue". i'm just wondering if that means it will be a solo show? i know that he usually has macey taylor on bass and he will not be with him. just curious if anyone's heard anything?
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Not sure gonna check him at the mecury lounge in july
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Not sure but I need to remember to catch him when he's in NY.
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Hi Kristi,

I'm seeing him this Tues, 7/14, in DC.

According to a post on Bondy's Facebook page, he's performing solo --
James Trigg: Decatur show happened as scheduled ... and was sublime.
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Ian Hawkins: Solo? Or with his band!?
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James Trigg: He played solo, with an array of tape loops and effects.
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Sounds cool! Aw man, come to Finland already.
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Does anyone know if he allows taping? Was going to see if I could run a SBD at the show I'm going to.
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Looks like he's touring solo from the Tin Angel videos on youtube.

Hopefully he's got a new album coming.

Glad he's back out there.
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