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Black velvet band chords (God bless you amigo)
Topic Started: May 30 2015, 08:23 PM (5,997 Views)

Always really liked this one figured I'd put it up

Capo on 2

G . C. G.
Well I'm sick of crying velvet eyes
Sick of pining for you
G. C G
Oh I am too damn cold to turn on the stove
I've been so awfully blue

C. G
And at night I dream of St. Louis
C. G
Heaven rings the king's county band
C. G
And I cull through the dark room for hours
D. G
For the girl in the black velvet band

(Same as first two up top)
Oh I'm back from the dead and now I'm sitting up in bed
Watching these sitcoms dissolve
Even the music from the street is sounding sweet
It sounded so awful for so long

And at night I dream of a salesman
Who has come to sell me a plan
Where I'm sure to win back that woman
Oh the one in the black velvet band

Am. G
Smog fills the room
Am. D7
The poppy's bloom
Am. G
So I'll make my way
Am D7
Out of this town someday

So I guess I'm gone
The weather's come
Oh they tell me the forecast is grim
Oh they plan to appraise this worthless place
For the mining of nickel and tin

And if I was a going somewhere
And if you could take my hand
I would wait in this hallway forever
For the girl in the black velvet band
Oh if I harbor a sickness
For the girl in the black velvet band
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Thank you! Just logged in to request this, guess I'd missed it.
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